Love Letter 022:
From: Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
To: Aziza Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.),
Written October 30th, 2012.


Wake Up And Smells "The Fragrance of God", 
Now Hidden Within "The Pouch" of "The Qutb", Within You, 
While Both "God And You" Still Can, 
and that is for sure.

Bawa. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim. In The Name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate. Amen.

Bawa. Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  Wa 'alaykum al-salam wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  May All The Peace, The Beneficence, and The Blessing of God Be Upon You, Your Family, And Your Friends. Amen.

Bawa. My Love YouMy Dearest Loving Daughter Aziza Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.). May God Bless All of You, May He Open Up Your Inner Hearts, Grant You His Grace, And Pull All of You Back Into Him, Amen.

Bawa. God Is Always “There”, With You, Helping YouMoving Forward “Your Life”, 
Within God Within You, Which In Truth Is “His Story”, That Is, “The Story” of “The Oneness of God”, Within God Within You, To Whatever Level “You Will Let Him”, 
Never Holding Back Anything From You, But “There Are Rules” That Even God Must Follow, and that is for sure.

Bawa. For Example, He Cannot Show You That He Is Your Only Friend”, When You Have “Other Friends”, He Cannot Show You That “He Is Your Only Protection”, When You Have “Other ProtectionHe Cannot Show You That “He Is Your Only Family”, 
When You Have "Your Own Family”, He Cannot Show & Tell You “The Truth” of “Your True Life” of “Light”, Which Is “Your Soul Life”, Just Waiting To Germinate, And 
Manifest, and Come To MaturityWithin God Within You, When You Are Still 
WorshippinThe Falsehood” of “Your Elemental Lives” of “Darkness and Evil” Now 
Living And Thriving”, And Now Fully “Manifested And Mature”, Within “Your Mind” Within You, and that is for sure. 

Bawa. For Example, “You Leaving Your Credit Card” At The Doctor’s Office Is Not “An Accident”, Or “A Mistake”, Or "Something You Have To Correct", Or Be “More Careful About”, As “Your Mind” Is Now “Showing It” To You, And Is Now “Telling You About It”, Because In Truth “Nothing Happens” That Way, That Is, As “Your Mind” Shows and Tells You, and that is for sure.

Bawa. For In Truth, As Bawa Teaches Us, In “The Epilogue” of The Beautiful Book of Wisdom, “Islam and World Peace: Explanations of A Sufi”, (Also See “A Partial On-line Version” of “Islam and World Peace: Explanations of A Sufi”, And of “The Epilogue”, In “The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Library”, And Also See “A Wisdom Review” of “The Epilogue” In “The Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Library”):

“Your Entire Life And Everything That Happens To You
Is Conducted By Allah, Not By You. 
He Is The One Who Carries Out Everything. 
He Is Responsible For The Cause And The Effect”, 
and that is for sure.

Bawa. So “That Experience”, And All of “Your Life Experiences”, Without Exception, Is In Truth "Just About God", That Is, Is In Truth Just About “God As One With You”, 
Always Trying To Be “One With” YouNot Ever In Truth About “You”, That Is, Not 
Ever In Truth About You As Separate From God”, With You Always Trying To Be 
Separate From God, Within You, And Separate From” The Creation of GodWithin 
God Within You, And For A Little While More, “Separate From” Your Brothers and Sisters, and that is for sure.

Bawa. For In Truth God Is Always Reminding You, Again, And Again, And Again, 
Moment To Moment, Until Your Last Breath”, About The Current State” of “Your Life”, And How “Incredibly Dangerous Is The Way That “You”, And In Truth All of My 
Children, Without ExceptionAre Now Currently Living” Your Life In “The World”, That Is, “Incredibly Dangerous For Your Soul”, And For All of “The Creation” of God, Now Surrounding “Your Soul”, And Within “That”, For God, And Within “That”, For “Man-God” (True Man), And Within “That”, For “Man-God/God-Man” (Perfected True Man), To Say The Least, and that is for sure.

Bawa. For In Truth “You Have Truly Left Your True Credit Card, In “The World of 
Souls”, Just Waiting "To Germinate" And "Come To Maturity"Within God Within You, 
Which Is “The Tree of GodWithin God Within You, That Is, As “The Wish Fulfilling 
Tree” of God, That Is, As “The Katpaha Virudcham” (Tamil) of God, Or As “The Sidratul-Muntaha” (Arabic) of God, That Is, As The Tree of God" In "The Seventh Heaven", 
Having Its Roots In "The Sixth Heaven”, As Bawa Calls It, and that is for sure.

Bawa. And Without It, That Is, Without This Fully Mature “Tree of God”, Within God Within You, You Are Only Left To “The Evil Devices” of All “The Demonic And Spiritual Forces” That Now Fill “Your Mind” Within You, Who In Truth Are “Only Tricking You”, Moment To Moment, With All of “The Illusory Scenes” That Naturally Flow Out of “Your False Life” Now As “A Flesh Mommy”, And Now As “A Flesh Grand Mommy”, and that is for sure.

Bawa. While “The Angel of Death” Patiently Awaits Your Death In “Your Grave”, 
Which In Truth Is All Really Within “Your Mind” Within You, Not On Some “Illusory Outside” of You, As You And All of My Children Still Mistakenly BelieveBut To “Your Eternal Peril”, and that is for sure.

Bawa. With You In Truth Still Living In “Your Current State” of “Illusory Separation” From God, And With “The Angel of Death” Ready To “Give You Your Just Rewards”, 
Which Is “An Eternal Elemental Life” of “Eternal Separation From God”, Within “Your Mind” Within You, and that is for sure, if you like, That Is, “If You Are Not A Wise Child”, Now For Your Age, And You Remain “Just A Foolish Child”, Now For Your Age, and that is for sure.

Bawa. But “There Is Still Time”, if you like, That Is, “If You Are A Wise Child”, Now For Your Age, And “Not Just A Foolish Child”, Now For Your Age, And You Start To Do “Exactly” As God Has Now "Told You To Do", For “The Rest of Your Life” In The World, and that is for sure.

Bawa. Which Is To:

1. Build Your Life Completely Around “The Pouch” of “The Qutb, Now For Your Age, Now For Your Life, Which In Truth Is Now “The Life and Teaching” And “The Heart” of Our Dearest Loving Son, And Your Dearest Loving Brother, Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.), In Whom “We Are Well Pleased”, and that is for sure.

2. Believing, Without “The Slightest Doubt”, That In Truth “This is Where” You, And All of My Children, “Now Live”, And That In Truth “This Is Now” God’s Final Gift, For All of His Children, Without Exception, Now For Your Age, and that is for sure.

3. But To Truly Do This, That Is, To Truly Start To Live In “His Heart”, And To Truly Start To Benefit From “His Life and Teaching”, “You Must Completely Stop” All of “Your Current Living” In The World”, And All of “Your Current Taking Care of Yourself”, In The World, By Truly Starting To Hand “Each Thing”, As God “Places It Before You”, 
Back To GodSaying To God, Without “The Slightest Doubt”,

“Thank You O God,
No Thank You O God,
What’s Next”.

Bawa. And Then “Be Done With It”, Trusting In God, And In God Alone, Not In Doctors, Family, Friends, and Yourself, To “Take Care of You”, Both Here, and In “The Hereafter”, and that is for sure.

4. And In Truth “He Most Certainly Will”, Because In Truth, He Is Always Taking Perfect Care” of You, At Every Moment, In Every Way, No Matter What, and that is for sure.

5. The Only Question Is“Do You Realize It”, And As Such, Do You Use Each Moment To: “Affirm Him”, By Negating Yourself, And To: “Praise Him”, By Not “Praising Yourself”, Or “The World”, Or “Your Family”, Or “Your Race”, Or “Your Religion”, And To: “Join Him”, By Not “Joining The World”, Or “Your Family”, Or “Your Race”, Or “Your Religion”, All of Which In Truth Is Really Within “Your Mind” Within You, Not On “The Illusory” Outside of You, and that is for sure.

Bawa. That Is, To Join “His True Life”, “Within God Within You, By Not Joining “Your False Life”, Within “Your Mind” Within You, By Making Yourself Always Available To Him, For What He Is Now Doing, Within God Within You, Which Is “Telling and Bringing To Completion” His Story, Within God Within You, and that is for sure.

Bawa. That Is, If You Will Only Truly Start To Let Him, "Have His Way With You", Within 
God Within You, By You Stopping All of Your Now “Letting Your Mind” Have “Its Way” With You, Within “Your Mind” Within You, and that is for sure, As “This Child” Has Now 
Learned To Do, and that is for sure.

6. With You Then “Ready To Deal” With “The Next Thing” That God Places Before You, In “The Same Manner”, For “The Rest” of “Your Life” In The World, Again As “This Child” Has Now Learned To Do, and that is for sure.

Bawa. And “That’s It”.

Bawa. “All Or Nothing”, As Bawa Teaches Us.

Bawa. For In Truth, As Bawa Teaches Us, “If You Don’t Hold Back Anything of Your Current Life”, Within “Your Mind” Within You, From God, Within You, Then “God Will Give You Everything of God”, Within God Within You, and that is for sure.

Bawa. But In Truth, As Bawa Teaches Us, “If You Hold Back Anything of Your Current Life”, Within “Your Mind” Within You, From God, Within You, Then “God Can Not Give You Anything of God”, Within God Within You, and that is for sure.

Bawa. So, Please, Please, Please, Start To Live “Your Life” In “The World” This Way, And Only In This WayMy Dearest Loving Daughter Aziza Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.), 
Letting God Be “One With You”, Moment To Moment, For The Rest of Your Life In The World, While Both “You And God” Still Can, And God Will Then “Do Everything Else” 
Necessary To Make “Your Life” Truly Successful In “Your Lifetime”, and that is for sure.

Bawa. If NotThen “What Can God Do”, But In “The End”, To Let “The Beast”, Now 
Fully Mature”, Now "Living and Thriving" Within “Your Mind” Within You, Come Out of “Your Mind” Within You, And “Claim And Harvest You” As “His Property”, With “God’s Permission”, and that is for sure.

Bawa. Not As PunishmentBut Rather, Because “That Is What You WantBut Rather, 
Because “That Is What You Have Told God”, Moment To Moment, As “You Lived” Out 
Your Life” In The World "That You Want For Eternity", Not By Your Words, But By Your ActionsThat Is, With You "Telling God That What You Want For Eternity” Is An “Eternal 
Elemental Life”, Within “Your Mind” Within You, As Eternally “Separate From” God
Within You, and that is for sure.  

Bawa. So At The End, "That", And Only "That", Is What God Then Gives You, "Exactly What You Want", and that is for sure. 

Bawa. All of Which In Truth Is Now "Exactly" What You, And All of My Children, 
Without ExceptionAre Now "Telling God That You Want For Eternity”, Which Is An “Eternal Elemental Life”, Within “Your Mind” Within You, As Eternally “Separate From” God, Within You, and that is for sure.

Bawa. Because "That", And In Truth Only "That", Is Now How You, And All of My 
Children, Are Currently Living Out "Your Life" In The World, and that is for sure. 

Bawa. So, Please Read “This Love Letter”, From God, Within You, To God, Within You, At Least 6 Times Every DayFirst When You Get Up In The Morning, Then At Noon, Then At Mid Noon, Then At Sun Set, And Then At Mid Evening, And Then Before You Go To Bed, Making Everything Within It, God’s ResponsibilityNot Your 
Responsibility, and that is for sure.

Bawa. Saying “The Word Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.) Before You Start To Read It, As Now In Truth "The Life and Teaching" of God, And As Now In Truth "The Heart" of God, Now Living In The World With YouNow For Your AgeNow For All Life, and that is for sure.

Bawa. Then Reading It Exactly As It Has Now Come To You, That Is, From God Within You, That Is, From God Now Living Within “The Pouch” of “The Qutb”, Now Within You, Now For Your AgeNow For All Life, and that is for sure.

Bawa. With You Saying To God After Each Reading of It,

“Thank You O God,
No Thank You O God,
What’s Next”.

Bawa. My Love You - Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him, and with Us). Amen.

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Love Letter 022 - To My Dearest Loving Daughter Aziza Muhaiyaddeen
                                 (may God be pleased with Her, and with Us). Amen.